Product Review: Manicare Makeup Brushes

I have been expanding my collection of makeup brushes and replacing some of my older brushes that have been shedding over the last 8 months or so.  My purchases have been from Manicare brush ranges.

Manicare is a brand of personal care items that will cover your beauty, makeup, manicure and pedicure needs. Manicare is a brand that is readily available in Australian supermarkets, pharmacies and Priceline stores.

Manicare has several ranges of makeup brushes but the two ranges that I will be writing about today are the Artiste professional range and the Cosmetica range.  Both of these ranges of brushes are sold by individual brushes. The price range per brush varies between $10 to $25 AUD   depending on the brush, at least for the brushes I have bought.

The Artiste Professional range is sold in most Priceline stores. They are a good quality brush with either natural or synthetic bristles. The brushes are very soft with the exception of the eyebrow brush.

The brushes I own from the Artiste Professional range are:

  • number 1 – concealer brush. A synthetic fibre brush which is extremely soft and very easy to clean. I like this brush better than the Cosmetica concealer brush.
  • number 5 – angeled foundation brush. A synthetic fibre brush.   I like using this brush to apply liquid or cream foundation around my eyes.
  •  number 18 – angled blush brush. A natural fibre brush.
  • number 19- contour brush. A natural fibre brush.  I love this brush to apply liquid or cream foundations.  I don’t use it for contouring as I don’t really have time in my makeup routine to do contouring. The brush is soft and very dense and gives a very smooth flawless finish when applying foundation.  This has become my favourite foundation brush.
  • umber 26 – flat liner. A synthetic fibre brush.  I have used this brush very much I mostly use this for applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line or tight lining on my upper water line.  The bristles come to a nice chiseled edge.
  • number 28 – smokey eye brush. A synthetic fibre brush.  I love this brush.  I use it for doing a cut crease, applying shadow to the outer corner of my eye lid or for apply shadow to the lower lash line.  I love the control I have with this brush.
  • number 29 – rounded smudge brush.  I have 2 of these brushes now. I am not use if they have natural or synthetic fibre bristles.  This is a very dense bush but the bristles are soft.  I use this brush in my crease.  I have excellent control with precise applicataion.  If I am careful I can do a cut crease with this brush.
  • number 31 – all over shadow brush. A natural fibre brush that I have only just purchase and haven’t had much of an opportunity to use yet.
  • number 32 – double ended shadow brush. This brush has small shadow brush and a crease brush both with natural fibre bristles.  I love this brush as it does double duty.  I don’t use the crease brush for what it was intended but I use it as a blending brush.
  • number 39 – angled eyebrow brush.  This brush has very stiff synthetic bristles.  This brush is great for taming the eyebrows while applying eyebrow powder.

The Cosmetica range is available in Target stores.  These are also good makeup brushes.  They are not numbered like the Artiste Professional brushes.  All the brushes that I have bought from this range appear to have synthetic bristles.

The brushes that I have from this range are:

  • concealer brush. I use this one as a eye primer brush.
  • foundation brush. I have used this brush once for foundation but it was quite streaky.  But I didn’t have the time to keep working with the brush so I ended up using the Artiste Professional contour brush
  • retractable powder brush. I bought this brush for travel.
  • angled blush brush
  • angled eyeliner brush.  I have two of these brushes.  I bought the angled eyeliner brush from this range rather than the Artiste Professional range because this has finer, sharper chiseled edge.
  • retractable lip brush

The most obvious difference between the two brush ranges are the shape of the handle and the metal part holding the bristles.  The Artiste Professional Range is all black while, most of the Cosmetica range brushes have chrome.  It really hard to compare the two brushes ranges because I don’t have every brush in each of the ranges, but I do have a concealer brush and and angled blush brush from both ranges.

(Left to Right: Artiste Professional, Cosmetica)

Both have synthetic bristles. The Artiste Professional is slight softer.

(Left to Right: Artiste Professional, Cosmetica)

The Artiste Professional is ever so slightly softer and is more dense.

Overall these brushes have a good performance for their functions and are as good as any other good quality makeup brushes.

My must have brushes are the contour brush, the smokey eye brush, the rounded smudge brush and the double ended shadow brush from the Artiste Professional range, and the angled eyeliner brush from the Cosmetica range.


Disclaimer:  The products in this review were purchased with my own money.  The opinions expressed on this blog are from my own experiences.


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